My FIRST Giveaway!

I am extremely excited to announce that I am taking part in my first giveaway! Thanks to the lovely, Kelly Malloy, from An Apple for the Teacher. Start getting all of your back to school resources by winning a $25 dollar Teachers Pay Teachers gift card! See giveaway details below. GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway Details:
Prize: $25 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card 
Co-hosts: Kelly Malloy (An Apple for the Teacher)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Giveaway ends 7/16/16 and is open worldwide.

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Five for Friday!

Professional Development: I am noticing that the more I attend district trainings the more I am starting to enjoy them! This week I completed a training for small reading groups and left with some great information! I found out about the amazing, Jan Richardson, and all of the fabulous resources that she has to offer. I purchased her book on Amazon and I am excited to try out some of her techniques in my classroom :)

Plum Paper Planner: I am sooooooo excited that I got my planner this week! Isn't it GORGEOUS?! I'm so in love! I going to be using it to organize my daily activities; Work, blogging, TPT :) I need to map it all out to prevent my brain from overloading! I'm thinking about purchasing another one in a few months to use as my planbook. I'm not sure yet...

New Classroom Resource: This week I got an amazing book for my classroom! My school's reading coach purchase a copy for each teacher on my team. The Continuum of Literacy Learning is a resource that can be used to help plan reading and language arts curriculum. It is also useful for assisting teachers with setting goals for students. My district has been backing this book and for good reason. I am oh so grateful to have a copy of my own :)

Trader Joes: Anyone who knows me, knows I have a serious obsession with Trader Joes. Today I stopped at my local store and found some GYRO MEAT! I love buying salads from Gyroville so I decided to get all the necessary ingredients to make it at home. I did and it was DELICIOUS! Yummm!

It's Friday: Need I say more?

FREEBIE: Weekly Behavior Tracking Sheet

I am so excited to finally post about my first TPT product! Take a peek at my behavior tracking sheet. I like to use this for my kiddos who need individual behavior plans to address specific behaviors. I noticed that using a single sheet each day for behavior was a bit  time consuming. I needed something quick, easy, and of course cute :) to record daily behaviors. All I do is color in or highlight the smiley face or sad face based on the child's behavior for that day. I initial and send home for parents to initial as well. That's it! It's quick and simple! If you're interested in trying out this behavior tracking sheet, click the image below. Leave a comment and let me know how it's working for you!

GoNoodle Loving! + 18 Kindergarten students = a match made in heaven! My students and I cannot get enough of GoNoodle! This website allows my kids to take a mental break from academics and get their brains and bodies moving! I have been using the brain breaks from this site since the first day of school. My class has already maxed out eight champs! We have also participated in over 1000 minutes! I use GoNoodle not only for brain breaks, but also for my transitions. My Kinders tend to get a little restless at times, so as I am prepping for our next activity, they are actively engaged with and exciting video. This helps to control any behavior issues that may occur. There's a bunch of channels to choose from, whether you want to pump your kids up or calm them down! My kids LOVE KooKoo Kangaroo, Zumba Kids, and Moosetube! If you haven't already, check out! You won't regret it!